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Steam Spa in Pakistan

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Steam Spa in Pakistan

How about sweating away those extra inches with an option that is way too easy, simple, safe and –steamy?
Beauty Spa Portable Steam Sauna is a portable device that can help you lose about 250 calories in half an hour,
effortlessly too. It is the easy ticket to a fabulous figure and a radiant skin. 

The future of fitness
It removes accumulated fat from the most difficult parts to trim down from your body like your stomach,
thighs, buttocks and hip area. It opens up your pores, increases heat around your body which in turn increases
your body heat. This literally melts away unwanted fat allowing you to sweat it out. 
The heat that it emits comfortable strips down fat, slowly but surely. 

The Luxury of your own personal Spa
Not all of us have the luxury of a personal sauna, and public ones may not be a considerable option for most either.
Beauty Spa Portable Steam Sauna answers all your personal spa dreams. This portable device allows you to experience
all the goodness and health benefits of the sauna treatment without having to splurge unreasonable amounts of money. 

Trimmer and healthier body with radiant skin as a bonus
It allows you to detoxify by opening your skin’s pores and extracting toxins by means of steam. Regular sauna treatments
also help your skin firm and radiant by unclogging it from dirt and allowing it to breathe. 
Effortless slimming down
Get the relaxing treatment you need after a long day’s work without too much fuss. This portable tent sets up in seconds.
You can use it during your chill time, when you are trying to relax. 
Just put the sauna up, let it steam and relax inside the tent. Listen to music or watch TV as the steam works hard to give
you that equally steaming hot body.
A more complete and less irritating sauna expirience
The tent has a portal for your head thus concentrating the heat only on your body. Unlike in a conventional sauna where
your whole body is steamed, this portal concentrates the heat solely to your body. This eliminates the irritable feeling of blurred
vision and not being able to breathe well. It also eliminates any risk of heat exhaustion allowing you to can stay inside the Beauty

sauna for as long as you like. 
Take your experience to a new level. A few drops of the essential oils to the Sauna steamer and your ready for a relaxing
aromatherapy session.
Portable and easy to stow away
Got a cramp apartment? Don’t stress because this equipment does not take up much space. It is also collapsible and is thus
easy to put away in little nooks and corners.

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